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SMD 2835 constant voltage led strip

  • 2835 SMD LED
  • CCT: 2700-6500K
  • CRI > 80
  • Max length: 5m
  • Voltage : 12V/24V
  • 3 years Warranty
  • Passed CE,UL,RoHS,GS test

1. Classical 2835 flexible led strip
2. Double layer pure copper PCB
3. 3M adhesive tape for easy installation 
4. Standard 5M on reel
5. Passed CE,UL,RoHS,GS test.
6. Water-proof rating:  IP20/IP65/IP62/IP67/IP68

A power adapter is required but NOT INCLUDED, please check our power supply.
Safe to use. The working voltage is 12V or 24V. extremely low heat. It is touchable and safe to children.
Easy Installation. Self-adhesive back with adhesive tape for safe and easy application.
Cuttable and linkable. Easy to cut and link by the connector (included) and not need to be soldered. It can be cut every group along the cutting marks, without damaging the rest strips.
Flexible operations. Slim, compact and flexible PCB strip. Mount end-to-end for bendable or angled patterns, or in continuous rows.
Various applications in commercial lighting settings in outlets, hotels, supermarkets, and exhibitions etc, also home use such as bedroom, garden, bathroom, kitchen, and  dining etc.

Please Note: 
1. A power adapter is required but not included.
2. Please expand the Strip Light before connecting to the power supply.

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 SKU Vol. CCT CRI lm/M & lm/led W/M & W/group LEDs/M & LEDs/group Min.Cut-size Max. length
CL-2835XW030HY12-W08 DC12V  2700-6500K Ra>80 210LM/M、20-24LM 2.3W/M、0.23W/group 30LED/M、3PCS/group 100mm W:8mm*T:0.25mm*5m
CL-2835XW060HY12-W08 DC12V  2700-6500K Ra>80 420LM/M、20-24LM 4.5W/M、0.225W/group 60LED/M、3PCS/group 50mm W:8mm*T:0.25mm*5m
CL-2835XW060HY24-W08 DC24V  2700-6500K Ra>80 420LM/M、20-24LM 4.5W/M、0.45W/group 60LED/M、6PCS/group 100mm W:8mm*T:0.25mm*5m
CL-2835XW120HY12-W08 DC12V 2700-6500K Ra>80 850LM/M、20-24LM 9W/M、0.225W/group 120LED/M、3PCS/group 25mm W:8mm*T:0.25mm*5m
CL-2835XW120HY24-W08 DC24V  2700-6500K Ra>80 850LM/M、20-24LM 9W/M、0.45W/group 120LED/M、6PCS/group 50mm W:8mm*T:0.25mm*5m
CL-2835XW060HY12-W10 DC12V 2700-6500K Ra>80 720LM/M、22-24LM 8W/M、0.4W/group 60LED/M、3PCS/group 50mm W:10mm*T:0.25mm*5m
CL-2835XW060HY24-W10 DC24V  2700-6500K Ra>80 720LM/M、22-24LM 8W/M、0.8W/group 60LED/M、6PCS/group 100mm W:10mm*T:0.25mm*5m
CL-2835XW120HY12-W10 DC12V  2700-6500K Ra>80 1080LM/M、22-24LM 12W/M、0.3W/group 120LED/M、3PCS/group 25mm W:10mm*T:0.25mm*5m
CL-2835XW120HY24-W10 DC24V  2700-6500K Ra>80 1080LM/M、22-24LM 12W/M、0.6W/group 120LED/M、6PCS/group 50mm W:10mm*T:0.25mm*5m
CL-2835XW240HY24-W10 DC24V  2700-6500K Ra>80 1600LM/M、22-24LM 18W/M、0.45W/group 240LED/M、6PCS/group 25mm W:10mm*T:0.25mm*5m
CL-2835XW120HY24-W15(1 row) DC24V  2700-6500K Ra>80 1400LM/M、22-24LM 16W/M、0.8W/group 120LED/M、6PCS/group 50mm W:15mm*T:0.25mm*5m
L-2835XW120HY12-W15(2rows) DC12V 2700-6500K Ra>80 1440LM/M、22-24LM 16W/M、0.8W/group 120LED/M、6PCS/group 50mm W:15mm*T:0.25mm*5m
CL-2835XW144HY24-W15 DC24V  2700-6500K Ra>80 1800LM/M、22-24LM 20W/M、0.833W/group 144LED/M、6PCS/group 41.7mm W:15mm*T:0.25mm*5m
CL-2835XW192HY24-W30(3rows) DC24V 2700-6500K Ra>80 3800LM/M、22-24LM 45W/M、1.4W/group 192LED/M、6PCS/group 31.25mm W:36mm*T:0.25mm*5m
CL-2835XW240HY24-W50(4rows) DC24V 2700-6500K Ra>80 4800LM/M、22-24LM 55W/M 2.75W/group 240LED/M、12PCS/group 50mm W:58mm*T:0.25mm*5m
led strips IP grade

What is IP Rating for LED strips?

IP RATING is a rating system that defines the ability of a product to be able to work in different environments. IP is an acronym 'Ingress Protection'. It is a measurement of the protection an item will have against solid objects (dust, sand, dirt, etc.) and liquids.

An IP rating is comprised of 2 numbers. The first number refers to the protection against solid objects (dust, etc) and the second number refers to protection against liquids.

led CRI

What is CRI?

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is the measurement of how colors look under a light source when compared with sunlight. Having information on the CRI of a LED strip light is important because you want to make sure that the colors are being accurately represented by the light source. CRI is measured on a scale from 0-100. A CRI of 80+ is the industry-standard for most applications while a CRI of 90+ tends to be necessary for situations that need color accuracy. Our CL light High CRI Series are used for photography lighting, retail lighting, bathroom or salon lighting, and residential lighting.

led CCT

What is CCT?

Choosing the correct color temperature lights for your project is very important, and as important as the brightness you choose. Consider the look and feel you want your project to have. What other color lights will be present? What material and color you wish to light?


Basic Parameters