LED linear lighting design common methods

Date : 2018-12-24Read : 4078 times

LED line lights are divided into indoor line lights and outdoor line lights. It is a decorative lighting fixture suitable for indoor or outdoor partial or contour lighting. Today, Caihao Optoelectronics came to talk about how to install indoor line lights. There are three ways to install indoor line lights: neat arrangement, modeling, and chaos. Different installation methods have their own characteristics and advantages, and the following ones are unfolded.

1, Neat arrangement

Line lights are often used for office lighting. The office needs to maintain a formal, serious and solemn atmosphere. Therefore, the installation of line lights in the office area can be neatly arranged, which can give people a sense of simplicity and atmosphere, so that visitors can enter the office space and have a good impression on the company.
The line lights can be installed neatly in the middle of the top of the space, or arranged according to the space, pay attention to make the light and brightness of the space as uniform as possible, and create a comfortable and healthy office lighting environment.

2, Modeling method
The styling method is based on the requirements of the owner, and consciously creates different shapes when installing the line lights to show the personality of different spaces. For example, the space in the picture below combines the line lights into a plurality of quads mounted on the top, adding a sense of space and technology, and sparking with the retro style of decoration, full of creativity.

3, Messy and unregulated

As shown in the above figure, there is no rules and random arrangement of the line lights above the rest area. The effect is not uncomfortable, but it feels unique and warm. From a distance, the lights seem to be a bird's nest. Look at the regular things at work, take a break to see such a messy arrangement of lamps is also a kind of rest and relaxation for the eyes.

I have read the installation methods of the different styles of the lines that are introduced by the above-mentioned Caiyu Optoelectronics. Which one do you like the most? Please refer to it when decorating!