CL LIGHTING awarded the great honor of National high-tech enterprises

Date : 2019-05-10Read : 2742 times

Congratulations to SHENZHEN CL LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD awarded the great honor of "National high-tech enterprises".

Thick accumulation, great development. In the past 10 years, the team of CL LIGHTING never stop hard working, and persisting in scientific development, they believe that latest technology will bring huge development to the company. After 10 years non-stop investment and development, CL LIGHTING finally awarded the great honor of "National high-tech enterprises" in May 9th, 2019. This is a milestone and a new start of CL LIGHTING, and this is one of the great honor that recognized by the market and government,said by Ms Zhang Cai Lan - CEO of CL LIGHTING.

In 10 years accumulation, CL LIGHTING never stop investment to research and development new products. Now there are over 100 types of LED strip light and more than 40 kinds of LED linear light in their catalogue. CL LIGHTING have obtained 7 patents and still have some patents pending for review.

CL LIGHTING held a brief listing ceremony in afternoon of May 9th, 2019. The CEO - Ms Zhang express her thanks to all the fighter of the team on behalf of CL LIGHTING. She made a short introduction of the company history and  the development trend of future. We should keep going to market and talk to more customers and know what they demands, Ms Zhang said. CL LIGHTING should bring more competitive products to the markets.