CL Lighting First Management Happy Meeting was successfully held

Date : 2019-04-13Read : 1932 times

In Shenzhen in April, the spring is bright and the birds and flowers are fragrant. In this season of passion and joy, the first management happy meeting of Caiyu Optoelectronics was ushered in.

Since the implementation of the company, the company has received positive response from all employees, especially the company's management backbone, struggling in the front line of business, research and development, engineering, manufacturing, etc., leading everyone to "happy work, happy life."


After the award, the face is filled with a happy smile.


Everyone who is most looking forward to the lottery session, all the people present at the scene put their own voucher into the raffle box, and the first, second and third prizes were selected by the members of the points management team. The cash red envelope was issued by Ms. Lan  to the winners.




This happy meeting fully embodies the company's "happy work, happy life" purpose, let employees get together, in the principle of fairness, justice and openness, pursue common happiness and transcendence, enjoy the fun of work. At the same time, we will make our big family warmer and more united, and let everyone fully appreciate the more rewards that the points system will bring to the employees, encourage everyone to work more positively and live a happier life.