Meeting For 2018 Conclusion and 2019 Arrangement CL Lighting

Date : 2019-01-11Read : 2000 times

9th, Jan, 2019, Shenzhen Cl lighting had a meeting about the 2018 yearly conclusion and 2019 future plans in the Meeting room. The chairman, managing director from other subsidiaries and Mr Zhang who is from Shenzhen CL Lighting attended this meeting!

Managers and team leaders from different departments made a conclusion about their work in 2018, and discussed what they will do in the coming 2019

The CL lighting sales team successfully accomplish their jobs in 2018, and plan to fight for the higher goal, 100 Million.

We manage to optimize the new marketing files for soft LED strip light, add new products into C40 aluminum profile and linear track light in 2018. We decide to make a research on another 20 new aluminum profiles.

We attend below exhibitions in 2018:

Year Fair Booth Address Date

2018 INTERLIGHT MOSCOW light+building                   Booth No.: 8.B69  Moscow, Russia    Nov. 6th-9th,2018
2018 The Hong Kong International Lighting Exhibition    Booth No.:3CON-102  Hongkong,China Oct. 27th - 30th, 2018
2018  Light Middle East                                                  Booth No.:HALL 1.A22 Dubai,UAE  Sep. 23th-25th, 2018
2018 Shanghai international lighting fair                         Booth No.:W5 B58 Shanghai,China  Oct. Sep. 3th-5th, 2018
2018 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition          Booth No.: 5.1A57  Guanzhou,China Jun. 9th -12th, 2018
2018  Light+Building                                                     Booth No.:Hall 10.2 E31P Frankfurt,Germany   Mar. 18th-23th, 2018
2018 The 26th International Trade Show of Lighting Equipment LIGHT 2018                          Booth No.:Hall 4-C20  Warsaw,Poland  Jan.31th-Feb.2nd, 2018

We decide to include the Japan Lighting fair into our assignment in 2019, to expand our markets in Japan.

Ms Zhang, the CEO of the Shenzhen CL lighting, made a statement for the 2018 conclusions, and claims the 2019 new assignments. She advises all members to participate in the new CL Credit Events, and wishes everybody will be happy to earn more CL Credits, so as to make more contribution to the both the company and individuals.

In the end the Chairman made a speech about the BANQCN Credit events and important issues and assignments in 2019