The Founding of CL LIGHTING Benevolence Association

Date : 2018-12-07Read : 2426 times

In order to better contribute the society, CL LIGHTING gather all enthusiastic volunteers and found a Benevolence Association in the company at 8:00 AM December 1st, 2018.



Although the economics and social development have been greatly improved in China, there are still some families are under very poor and hard living conditions among us and our friends, we should lend a hand and do what we can to help them, said Ann – CL LIGHTING’s CEO.

Under Zi Run Tian’s host – the chief deputy of CL LIGHTING Benevolence Association, all workers include the CEO Ann stay in queues to sing a song “A Grateful Heart” to start the ceremony. And everyone voluntary donate their pocket money and kind heart to a donation box which will soon be send to those in need. We are so glad that we can help someone who need a help, and as one of the members of CL Lighting, we are proud of it, said one of the volunteers.




The Goodness lies not in small or big, but in action, this is the most meaningful and core idea of the Association.